Wednesday, November 18, 2015

miniature artwork

I consider myself a devout charcoal artist and have been working on fine tuning the best of my abilities for nearly a decade now, but something has sparked my interest lately and that is miniature artwork. I had opened up an instagram account a few months ago and have been following many incredible artists specializing in these miniature artworks. I tried my hand at it, but the smallest charcoal drawing I could produce with my desired amount of detail was about 8x8". I wanted to get that same crisp work of art I've gotten so used to, but wanted to produce it on a much smaller scale. So I took a trip to my local art shop and that's when I discovered micron pens. They range in sizes from .005 to .08 in this particular set I decided upon.

With a little trial and error, I've made some smaller scale drawings using these micron pens, mechanical pencil, and a bit of white charcoal or white gel pen for highlights on a toned paper. I then adhere them to a sturdy board to give them more substance and avoid unnecassary damage to the artwork. It is kind of nice to see the collection of these cool little guys increasing with each week and will be placing them for sale in an online auction. Please come look and see what they're all about!

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