Saturday, October 10, 2015

An Emphasis on BodyBuilders

There's no doubt that I've always been interested in turning a muscular figure into art through my mind and eyes. For years I've noticed and studied many different forms of the human body, namely the male figure. I choose to work from males simply because I admire that dipiction of strength coupled with intense emotion, that is the ultimate creation I have in mind when I think about something new.

Lately, since launching my new instagram account @rita.foster, I've noticed an abundance of fitness models and have become exeedingly more interested in making some art surrounding bodybuilders. To portray an image of strength along with a softer side of emotion...that would be an amazing contrast. An idea I'll be working on in my future works. Meanwhile, I'm still studying anatomy and will continue to until I have all of the information embedded in my mind, stored in the memory banks permanently.

I've found a few fitness models I greatly admire and hope to work with on possible collaborations.
Tom Coleman is one of my favorites as of yet. Also, Garry Turner is another fitness model bodybuilder I've been following and admire. Such an amazing subject to draw... I recently created a charcoal drawing of his legs which I will also post. His quads are massive! Garry Turner will most likely be the subject of my drawings focusing on legs and quadriceps. 

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