Monday, March 24, 2014

Vein hands Maxfield Parrish style

watermarked image - "Rita Foster Art"


"Veiny Hands" 8x12 inch pastel
I've always been an admirer of Maxfield Parrish's work and the way he'd use warm lights along with cool shadows to produce a certain mood and I wanted to get some practice in on this concept. My love is not so much of landscapes but anatomy or the human body so I just tried to combine the two things I love involved in art.


  1. Parrish wasn't even as mysterious, though. Makes an interesting contrast with Duerer's praying hands ...

    1. Do you mean color contrast or hand position, or maybe both? Its funny but someone recently told me these hands were "Durer like". I didn't consciously have him in mind when drawing these, but have ALWAYS been an admirer of his work.