Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chalk charcoal drawing of Michelangelo David

watermarked - "Art by Rita Foster"


2013 "David by Michelangelo charcoal study" 11x17 inch
This artwork is about 14 hours of work all together. I began with the outer contour of the statue first to establish important landmarks I could work from while keeping the deep shadow areas in mind and marking them as needed. After this, I layered white chalk over portions and built up the white where light fell on the statue strongest. Heavy amounts of hatching and layering over the surface of forms was how I tried to illustrate the 3 dimensional value. Coloring back over whites with a light black charcoal pencil is how I attempted to create a marble finish that turns back away from light and into mid tones or shadow areas, but also leaving a trace of the papers color beneath.

While extremely challenging to create a likeness of this famous sculpture by a true master, I enjoy that challenge and hope my interpretation of it measures up in even the slightest of ways...

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