Sunday, October 14, 2012

Claude Rodin Vase of the Titans tribute

watermarked - "Art by Rita Foster"


"Rodins Titans charcoal drawing" 11x14 inch
The first time I saw Claude Rodin's work in person was on a day trip I had taken along with my "analysis of form" class while attending the Academy of Art University back in 2003. As I entered the building an amazing sight captivated me, and that was a bronze cast of "The Thinker". The cast itself must have been 6 feet tall and also propped up on a pedestal. It amazed me, how much more powerful this sculpture could be to see in person. Since then I've been an admirer of Rodin's works and always loved "Vase of the Titans'". I searched through pictures and different angles of the vase trying to decide exactly which one I'd like to draw. I think this angle best depicts what Rodin was trying to convey, strength and activity through heros' in a seated position.

My attempt at stylizing his incredible work through a drawing was to give it a glowing affect. I applied a light layer of white pastel onto a sage colored surface, letting some greenish tints flow through and tried to contrast that with some deep darks. 

This piece measures 11x14 inches, black and white charcoal on sage colored paper.

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