Sunday, March 11, 2012

Archway from Harry Potter

gouache paints

A good childhood friend of mine, who is also a huge Harry Potter fan, asked if I would commission this painting of the Hogwarts interior for her home. Of course I agreed. I loved painting this one! The warm verses Cool temperatures give a good feeling of depth as the diagonal draws you in. It had actually been quite a few years since I had used gouache paints but every time I pull them out I have such a good time playing with the blending.

I've yet to spend an incredible amount of time on one gouache painting, fine tuning until there is nothing left I feel needs fixing, but it's pieces such as this that compel me to make a goal such as this and possibly work my way more towards a sort of photo realistic touch yet still keeping that stylistic edge.


  1. I can't believe no one has commented on this yet. It is really beautiful in every aspect. Makes me want to sit there with a book and just drink in the silence.

    1. I love that a painting of mine can make you feel this way! It is actually of the hogwarts castle in harry potter movies. My best friend love loves the movie and so she asked if I could paint 3 shots from the movie for her, I'm really glad she asked because I really enjoyed getting the gouache paints out again.


  2. I totally agree, Moira! This is an amazing perspective, and glorious execution. I could get lost in the vision. Rita you are TRULY gifted.