Thursday, May 26, 2011

Achilles Heel

watermarked - "Rita Foster Art"


"Achilles in charcoal" 18x24 inch
Achilles was deemed a fearless and brave soldier since birth by his father Peleus and mother Thetis. Thetis was so concerned over her sons mortality that she dunked Achilles in the river styx whose waters were believed to immune man against attacks instructed by gods. Thetis held her son by his heel as she dunked him into the water, leaving his heel open to vulnerability. 

This vulnerability lead to Achilles demise after he became enraged over Apollo's demands during the Trojan war. Achilles went on a killing spree all the way back to Troy to avenge his friend, Patroclus, death. When Achilles arrived in Troy he was blindsided by the deathly arrow which impaled his vulnerable heel, instantly killing him.

This is a charcoal pencil drawing I created from a photograph of the sculpture by Innocenzo Fraccaroli