Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Self Portrait with hands

Art by Rita Foster
I got the idea of using red and white pastel on a cool colored toned paper when I was looking at one of my former instructor's website, Douglas Malone. I loved the affect so much I just had to try it. This is my second attempt at it, myself as the model.

Red & White Pastel on
9 x 12 inch flannel gray mi-teintes paper


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  2. wow ! dig it muchly! hope all is well! - kevin

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  4. Most artist shy away from hands..I have not seen very many pieces actually featuring them..You really haver a wonderful strangle hold on the pastels..
    Your work is amazing!

    1. wow thanks Chris that means alot and I'm sorry this is such a late reply wow! I need to be more on top of this hahahaha