Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hercules and Cacus

I was told in college that it's important to draw from sculptures by the great masters and I completely agree. It is somehow much easier to study planes of the face this way. I plan on drawing some full body sculpture drawings sometime soon. The beard on this one took a while! 12 hours total. I drew this from a photo of "Hercules and Cacus", a sculpture done by Bartolommeo Baninelli 1543. I would have drawn from life if I had the chance but this ones in Florence Italy, top of the list of places I want to travel to.


  1. Wow... amazing... this is cool... I also love 'Calida' and 'Main Coon Kitten'... so cute

  2. I am in awe... You should study in Florence.

  3. well.. you should study at GCA!!!! where are the new things !!! ;-)