Monday, May 26, 2008

357 Magnum

artist rita foster14X18 Inch Pen&Ink Illustration Board
I drew this up as a gift for someone who I thought would appreciate the subject matter. This is the first "technical" drawing I've ever done of something that I had to have exact dimensions for, and although it took me a while to get everything right I did really love seeing it all come together the way it did. I plan on creating a gun series that will all be drawn in the same medium and technique. I think it will be great practice for me in keeping a very steady hand while drawing those straight machined edges. I used .005 tip black micron pens and mechanical pencil.


  1. This is a really cool drawing/painting, I'M amazed seeing this kind of work. It's very different than what I do but I really enjoy it.

    1. Thank you :) Maybe I outa get my micro pens back out again?

  2. thank you Austin, it took many many hours! I'm actually working on another but it is a drawing of a thunder 5 hand gun.

  3. Well done! I am sure the recipient will be VERY pleased!