Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dog portrait commission

This is a commission I just finished for a woman and her husband who loves their mastiff's. This is kind of a memorial portrait because the top row and middle dog on the bottom row have passed on so they want to remember what beautiful dogs they were. I actually really enjoyed this one because I used gouache paints, which I really haven't used since I got out of college. Plus I just love painting animals because each one has their own unique expression just like people do.

Gouache on Illustration board







  1. Beautiful job! I really think you got each dog's personality, which was probably very difficult considering 3 of them seem to be the same breed.

  2. thanks Sarah! it was difficult but fun to do. I'm tempted to start another portrait of my cat ha ha! i love painting animals

  3. Oh i really think you are GREAT at this! Yes i agree there is some definite strong personalities shinning through each portrait. You are very talented. Hard is often a good thing,it means we learn a little each time. That is always a good thing. Bright moments to you. Wendy

  4. I love the style of the portaits. A personality comes through with each one.

  5. I am the mom of these beautiful "children" and Rita far surpassed all my hopes for this painting. My husband and I will forever treasure it in our home. Thank You Rita, you're beyond talented. Lauren