Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kitty Toes

I was messing around one day snapping pictures with my camera when I noticed my cat sleeping sound on the couch. Originally I wanted to see how much detail I'd be able to see when taking a close up of her feet. I uploaded the photo and soon was tempted to paint it too, she has such cute feet!

5X7" 1.5"Thick
Oil on Canvas


  1. Really beautiful work here, Rita. The kitty toes are cool and the portraits are really great.

    I enjoyed my visit very much.

  2. Hi Ria, Lucky you, Carol Marine gave a link to your site. She's impressed with you and I can see why. Your work is very, very nice. You need to start selling. I'm pretty much just starting out, trying to find my style. There are so many artists sometimes it's intimidating but when you have the painting bug you have to paint. Good luck to you and keep painting. Barb

  3. My own white cat has pink toes too. These are adorable!

  4. Lovely, awesome work by you
    keep it up always
    it will be really appreciate by the people